How we make our clothing

Let’s get transparent baby

We want to make sure that our product is manufactured the best way possible. For us that is a never ending process. We are always learning and adapting our product in order to deliver something that has value.

The Design Process
How do we come up with a design? We create our clothing through collaboration. Together with the designing artist we come up with a topic for the collection. In the creation process the artist gets complete freedom over the design with all the space they need to make it their own. We are supporting them in this process by giving them whatever they need to unfold their full creative potential. Once the design is done our production process starts. What started out as an idea is now on it’s way to transform into a garment.

The Production Process
There are three things that we highly value in our production process: Sustainability, Fair Wages & Work Conditions. But how do we achieve that?

We want to deliver high quality while also being in balance with the environmental and ethical standards we set for ourselves. When choosing our manufacturing partners we seek out for businesses that have the same values as us. That means businesses that understand the importance of eco-consciousness, that take accountability for their actions and don’t support the exploitation of cheap labor under inhumane work conditions.

That’s why we choose to manufacture all of our garments in Europe, where businesses comply with the European labor laws. Meaning fair wages for all employees. We only use 100% organic cotton for our garments without any addition of synthetic fibers. Also our garments are printed as environmentally friendly as possible with only GOTS certified, PETA-Approved Vegan and FAMA certified colors.

The Pricing Process
In the fashion industry prices of clothing can vary tremendously, depending if it’s a fast fashion company or a high fashion brand. Either way most of the time it is publicly unknown how a garment is priced and for what reason. Not with us tho. We believe that honesty and an open discourse about who gets how much is necessary. That’s why we give you 100% transparency into our pricing process for each garment. By that we ensure that all of our collaborating artists get their fair share and that you know what you actually paid for.